SENSERGY is a creative incubator, which was established to understand our contemporary ‘hybrid-reality' - the interplay of our physical and digital worlds. 


SENSERGY (a name which combines our ‘senses' with ‘synergy'), aims to profile the artworks of emerging artists, whilst informing our audience about new ways digital work can be communicated. SENSERGY aims to benefit its collaborators and contributors by offering them new ways to communicate their artworks beyond the restrictions our digital world. 


Through Instagram (@sensergy_), we aim to inspire, motivate, and excite our audience. Our interactive website acts as a place of contact, and most importantly communicates our continued understanding of our hybrid realities through immersive displays of artists' work and displaying our first exhibition - virtually, for those who are unable attend.  


SENSERGY'S debut exhibition, ‘Physicalising the Digital', exhibits the artworks of 12 artists who push the boundaries of both the physical and digital world. Curated as an interplay, the exhibition re-contextualises the artwork in real life (IRL), through the disappearance of the screen in order to further understand today's hybrid-reality.

224-230 Jubilee Court Flat 9
Copenhagen St
N1 0pt