Renata Brenha

Renata Brehna


15 Feb 2019, 09:30 - 11:30

The Brazilian designer, Renata Brenha, creates garments as a means to channel ideas creatively and initiate dialogues with a larger community of thoughts. Hailing from Sao Paulo, her Latin American roots within largely mixed cultures inform both her aesthetics and approach. With strong curiosity in cultural anthropology, Brenha digs deep into the lived experiences of indigenous people - from the Zapatistas uprising in Chiapas, Mexico to the Yanomami Genocide in Brazil. Textiles, to her, function as ‘text' in these communities, telling stories, histories, trauma and rituals. By observing the way a silhouette is formed or how a piece of cloth wraps and modifies the body, every garment is her own exploration in translating the multiple readings of resistance performed through dressing oneself.

As much as she is drawn to the universality fashion provides to communicate complex ideas, Brenha stands in dismissal of the unsustainable and unethical implications in its industrialised production. She has actively adopted the way of Gambiarra, a Brazilian attitude of improvising with existing materials to create new objects and meanings; the process of which is left as a visible and essential part of the design. Upcycling renewable materials and craftsmanship take centre stage in the formation of her garments. She works hands-on with artisanal techniques in collaboration with other local experts in her airy and plant-filled Hackney studio - the creations responsive to her East London neighbourhood.

Brenha holds an MA Fashion (Womenswear) from the Royal College of Art and a Graduate Diploma from Central Saint Martins.

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