AISSO talents were handpicked by a panel of international fashion industry experts at the London Fashion Week exhibition in a multi-brands showroom space.

Carefully curating designer labels around outstanding works of contemporary art and design, AISSO is instrumental in staging a debut fashion showcase at the Royal Academy of Arts on September 13th 2018 as part of the official London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 schedule.

"This is an exciting time for Greece. The incredible energy and creativity amplifies the city beyond the stereotype, in art, in theatre and, of course, in fashion. AISSO is my way of bringing this to an overshadowed audience. We launch London Fashion Week with Athenian spirit and celebrate this with the industry and wider world. " - Dr Angelina Papadoulou, AISSO founder

In an unmissable wave of international talent, borders are bridged through design and creative execution on this global platform. The London Fashion Week event is the first of a future series of global talent showcases.

Celebrating the 32 million+ tourists relishing Greek culture and it's ever inclining economy reformation, the presentation highlights Athens' unique position as an innovative hub for both local and international brands.

The partnership reinforces the long-lasting relationship between creativity and culture within Greece and as a leading force in the global creative sphere. AISSO's brand values represent Greek fashion talent in a dynamic, artistic and professional environment. Through utilising the 360 degree AISSO mentoring programme and the physical space from the British

Fashion Council, 7 designers engage and overthrow conceptions of London centric scenes and embrace global design success. The talent threshold of Greek designers has been reflected in their prosperity both at home and abroad, now concreted at world leading London Fashion Week.

Ascending on London with the heart of the Greek innocent spirit, AISSO will embrace the international attraction of luxury within its culture


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