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15 Feb 2019, 17:30 - 19:30

At the heart of every compelling story lies a narrative and Johnstons of Elgin is no different. Since 1797, the Johnstons of Elgin signature innovation and quality have been without compare. The Johnston family name has always been synonymous with craft, patience, elegance and luxury. A byword for innovation and benchmark-setting, over the past 221 years Johnstons of Elgin has defined and redefined the industry, again and again.

Its impeccable credentials stem from a mastery of the yarn and how its craftspeople handle, finesse and manipulate it in ways impossible for any other manufacturing brand to match.

Unrivalled technical expertise as manufacturers creates unique possibilities, which, in turn, open up uncharted avenues for the most masterful creations. Johnstons of Elgin's pioneering history established its luxury credentials and the company's determination not to stand still carries it perpetually forward.

The Johnstons of Elgin creative vision drives its brand ambition. A vision grounded in timeless, classic references such as art, history, architecture and nature that are constantly redefined for contemporary culture through design, craft and innovation.

Whilst seasons and influences may change, one constant remains; the quest for beauty and luxury. Johnstons of Elgin creates desirable pieces of art, designed to resonate with its customers. Precious objects of real beauty that have great personal meaning in today's disposable culture.

Products to move and pieces to fall in love with. Johnstons of Elgin does this by forging its own path, not by following fads; being aware of trends without pandering to them. Applying a wealth of considerable creative expertise and exploration, designing unique, precious products rooted in imagination, not mania.

The Johnstons of Elgin story is one of a family-run business spanning two centuries of tradition and expertise, which originates in the heart of Scotland and takes in the couture houses and catwalks of Paris, London and Milan, the sartorial excellence of Savile Row and beyond.

But this has been and continues to be no ordinary British manufacturing story. Johnstons of Elgin has successfully established a flagship store at 77 New Bond Street in London, with further retail presence in Elgin, Hawick, St Andrews and Nantucket.

This is a story of a brand simultaneously living within this world and transcending it. A story rooted in innovation, passion and timeless beauty. An everlasting labour of love that has brought Johnstons of Elgin to where it is today and that will continue to shape all of its tomorrows.

Johnstons of Elgin
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