Pascale James

Sustainably crafted by hand in London using only recycled or Fairtrade solid precious metals, Pascale James is a contemporary brand with a distinct sculptural aesthetic. 

Before creating the brand, partners Antonia Pascale and Christopher James took distinctly different paths. Antonia studied literature at university and went on to work for the BBC in television production, working behind the scenes with a camera or researching stories whilst CJ studied zoology which took him across the world to the Bahamas where he researched sharks and photographed ocean life for National Geographic and BBC Nature. 

Despite both working in creative industries, neither felt their artistic need was being fully satisfied. However, a mutual interest in art and sculpture led to the couple exploring jewellery design and the craftsmanship involved in creating a piece of jewellery. The couple spent three years developing the brand, exploring the boundaries of the metal and refining their conceptions.  Crafting their designs themselves, the couple are involved in the process of creation from start to finish. 

Each new collection tells a story and they hope to be able to share their passion for the environment through their design narrative.

 "Inspiration comes to me from many directions - striking patterns and textures in the natural world, an interest in design and aesthetics and how the two come together or simply through imagining how our customer might wear a piece of our jewellery on a given occasion. CJ's ability to work with the metal is so intrinsic to the development of our ideas - turning conception into a wearable piece. I always want our designs to stand out and for our customers to feel the handcrafted nature - the texture and tactility of the metal as well as the weight and strength of the piece - they are mini sculptures." Antonia Pascale, Founder

"Design for me is much a process oriented experience and I often look to larger scale mechanisms of nature, science, construction, art and sculpture to provoke and push me into creating a new texture, design or finish.  The evolution of each piece is a true collaboration between Antonia's artistic vision and my ability to manipulate materials; exploring the boundaries of crafting precious metals." Christopher James, Founder

The Imperial Laundry
71 - 73 Warriner Gardens
London SW11 4XW

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Antonia Ash
Tel: +44 (0) 71 1371 1371

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Antonia Pascale
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