Wesley Harriott

Wesley Harriott


18 Feb 2019, 09:30 - 11:30

Tottenham born designer Ricky Wesley Harriott, launches another collection for dominant yet feminine figures who fearlessly invert traditional power dynamics. Inspired by the Yakuza syndicates and Bosozoku motorcycle culture of 1980s Tokyo, Harriott's autumn/winter 17 collection meticulously reconstructs the simultaneously illicit and classic aesthetic of crime and road narratives into designs that hold their own on his female muse. Feminine strength and the rejection of categorization typify Harriott's creative efforts.


Drawing inspiration largely from the women of Yakuza – first viewed as romantic partners and tragic figures but soon more notorious and feared than their male counterparts - Harriott's new collection places these powerful women in the contemporary fashion environment with a uniform that captures their gender defying nature. Through specifically harsh and symmetrical lines and the androgynous roots of certain pieces in the collection, Harriott appropriates male garments for more direct female use. Coinciding with a gendered rebellion in the collection, Harriott looks to partner revolution with a renewed sense of freedom in his work for autumn/winter 17. 

The fight against stasis and societal norms shines through in all of Harriott's creative endeavours, but especially his most recent work. His own designs absorb and reflect the multiplicity of images within the diverse urban sphere, producing a kaleidoscopic modern take on fashion. At once looking to the past for inspiration to liberate the future of his work, Harriott's new collection boldly complicates gender regularity and classic presentations of male and female style. Wesley Harriott will be taking part in the Black PR showroom this season.

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