Crystalline Jewellery is the brainchild of Elena Kosenkova and Kira Pokhiton.  Kira and Elena met in Moscow where they were both working for the Conde Nast Group, Kira as publisher of Vogue Magazine and Lena as Tatler fashion director.  They shared a passion for design and fashion and became friends.
Their like-minded ideas of how a personal accessory should look and feel –inspired by nature- were the reason for Elena to create some necklaces for their personal use.  The response to these home-made pieces was surprisingly enthusiastic which led to the creation of the Crystalline Jewellery brand and the launch of the first collection in October 2013 called “CRYSTAL SYSTEM”, after the classification of crystals according to their quality.
Crystalline designer Elena Kosenkova created an harmonious, brightly colored collection of bijoux of semi-precious stones and pearls in gilded metal structures that perfectly echo the designs and spirit of the Futurist movement.
 Crystalline’s highly original designs are individually hand crafted in Italy by top craftsmen making each of these small works of art unique, exclusive and the true trendsetter’s accessory.

Crystalline is showing with
 The Alphabet for London Fashion Week. 

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