Moon Lee Artwear

Injoo Lee
Moon Lee was set up in 2014 and was born from the designer's love for everything aesthetically beautiful and showcases her distinctive touch of artistry to her intricate creations. The brand aims to efficiently communicate emotions though garments conveying valuable and rich emotional sensibility. It is an exploration to value artwear and satisfy those who live in such an affluent but heartless society in regards to art. This artistic brand will be not only shown on catwalks, but also at art exhibitions targeting art collectors and fashion lovers alike with a developed sense of design. Moon Lee aims on using organic fabrics in its collections with beautiful hand dying and intricate painting. We believe that hand painting represents "purity in art" unlike the cold feelings of machines seen in digital printing. Injoo tries to emphasize sensitive feelings in each collection and conveys her belief in the purity of art in these hand painted design and details. To convey warm feelings delivered from a sensitive and emotional touch of hand.

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